Created by founder of 7 Floors to Balance, a lead program for U.N. designated Culture of Peace Education Program

Supplying Tools for Self-calming, stress relief and joy enhancement to promote Peace on Demand!

The assumptions we have about who we are and what we are capable of influences the jobs we pursue, the relationships we choose, the risks we take and the lifestyle we have. Understanding our real needs and desires are the most constructive steps towards realizing our dream life. The first step in doing that consists of achieving a balanced foundation for our body, mind and spirit. When activated by rest, relaxation and positive thoughts, the parasympathetic nervous system is the key to balance and healing since its system of nerves is concerned with the nourishing, healing and regeneration of the body!

A supplemental coaching program for Tammy Lelie Skinner’s signature program, 7 Floors to Balance®, 7 Days to Balance℠ is a 7 day long “meditation of attention” experiential program where you will concentrate on each of the 7 energy wheels (termed chakras by the ancient Yogis) in your body one day at a time and follow a specifically designed checklist that will get you to intuitively make the adjustments you need to make in order to use your willpower to transform your habits from ones of imbalance to those of balance (i.e. change from restless mind to a calm one).

Program includes the teaching of how to release subconscious blocks for yourself and others and balancing energy centers to receive invigoration instantly with breathing, guided imagery exercises, yoga poses, acupressure, visualizations, aromatherapy, meditations and “needs journals”. Guaranteed, by the end of the 7 days, you will have achieved mastery over your life (just as you do on a bicycle when balancing correctly) as you will have released subconscious blocks, organized your energy, achieved a state of equilibrium and induced calm in your body, mind and spirit while increasing your overall energy levels!

You will also have the option to be selected into a select pool of candidates to continue on (if desired) to get certified to teach Tammy Lelie Skinner’s signature program-7 Floors to Balance® which is a partner of Pathways to Peace (Peace Messenger for the U.N.) and is a leade program of the U.N. designated U.N. designated Culture of Peace Education Program.


Tammy Lelie Skinner sparkles and shines. She is a bundle of positive, creative and intelligent energy. She studies, she learns, she grows and she embraces life with courage, conviction and enthusiasm.  It is a privilege to know her personally and professionally because I believe that Tammy’s commitment to sharing her expertise in the area of balance helps her clients to speed up the process.

Jacklyn Zeman                                                                                                                          Actress on General Hospital (Hollywood, CA)

I was so blocked; I didn’t even know I was blocked. With loving hands, an open heart and nurturing directness, Tammy identified things that were stopping me from going after what I want. Together, we released them. She is intelligent, well trained and passionate in her approach.  Above all, she kept is accessible, real and fun.

Maxine Tatlonghari                                                                                                                Owner, Vanity Girl Hollywood (Hollywood, CA)

Tammy is amazing at helping you get past the nonsense and helping you find your own resources to achieve success, personally and professionally.  I would highly recommend her services to any of you who are looking to live a life beyond mediocrity. She’s been a huge benefit to me and I am confident she will be a wonderful resource to you as well.

Dan Smiley                                                                                                                                   GM, Turner Publishing (Portland, Maine)

My session with Tammy was amazing. My physical pain has not returned since we released it from my body.  I feel so good that it is just incredible! I started purging the clutter from my house that evening. I feel amazingly light and I cannot thank you enough!

Niki Jelks                                                                                                                                           Event Producer (Sonoma, CA)

Tammy’s compassionate and delightfully intuitive nature guides you into the depths of your core spiritual being.  When you are ready to truly understand yourself and what it means to be a human “be”ing, working together with Tammy presents you with a thrilling journey, going far beyond places you never imagined existed inside of you.  Looking within and becoming self-empowered is the greatest gift you can give yourself!

Chris Allport                                                                                                                       Actor/Producer/Singer (Los Angeles, CA)