“Man’s body is like an electric battery. I reasoned that it could be recharged with energy through the direct agency of human will.”

Paramahansa Yogananda (Autobiography of a Yogi)

7 Days to Balance℠ offers two different options of services

*Energy Clearing session either over the phone or in person (if located in Sonoma County): Cost is $150 for an initial session. Clients report leaving relaxed, content and experience changed relationships instantly. After initial session, cost is $60 for half hour energy tune ups as needed.

*A 7 day long “meditation of attention” coaching program where you will concentrate on each of the 7 energy centers (termed chakras by the ancient Yogis) in your body one day at a time and follow a specifically designed checklist that will get you to intuitively make the adjustments you need to make in order to use your willpower to transform your habits from ones of imbalance to those of balance (i.e. change from restless mind to a calm one). Guaranteed, by the end of the 7 days, you will have complete mastery over your life as you will have released subconscious blocks, organized your energy, achieved a state of equilibrium and induced calm in your body, mind and spirit while increasing your overall energy levels!

Cost is $150 for basic preliminary phone or in person session (45 minutes) where we release the limiting emotional trauma that is holding you back in your life and “unstuck” the energy wheels have been blocked because of it. This is done through a special technique unique to this program as I have the ability to tune into the electromagnetic frequency of your nervous system over the phone or in person. Experience full access to your energy reserves with a newfound sense of emotional freedom. From there, you are free to create the lifestyle that you most desire!

The full 7 DAYS program cost: $749.99 with your initial $150 session getting credited towards that total. Payment can be broken up per session or if it is paid in advance via paypal, you get a special rate of $699.00.

The full program consists of personalized coaching calls throughout a consecutive 7 days. It also comes with an in-depth training manual which will be sent to you as a PDF via email. The manual includes specific yoga pose, needs journal, meditations and my unique system of how to organize your days so efficiently so that you are always in control of balancing your own energy!

*Please note that you do not have to do the full 7 Days to Balance℠ program and if one session is all you need to get unblocked then that is all you need. However, many clients feel so invigorated after the session that they choose to go more in depth into learning more specific tools/meditations/breathing/guided imagery/self-done acupressure to balance their energy centers on their own.

Tammy is available for private consultations, group parties, ladies’ nights out, spa events, workshops, speaking engagements and corporate trainings. Call or email for special pricing packages!

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